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This website is not a teaching tool. it is a tool to introduce the physical treatments to be applied to “lympho-venous” insufficiency. This site explains the scientific foundation of the Leduc method.

In the chapter “publication”, you will find the references of scientific publications of works realised at the “Université Libre” of Brussels, at the “Vrije Universiteit” of Brussel, at the Buenos Aires University (Argentina), at the University Clinic of Brussels (Erasme Hospital) at the St Peter University Hospital (Brussels), at Brugmann University Hospital (Brussels) and at the Etterbeek-Ixelles Hospital Center (Brussels) as well
as at the Brussels Edema Treatment Center.

To attend a course offered by the Professor Leduc team and to be able to treat according the Leduc method patients presenting with lympho-venous insufficiency, you may register to seminars listed on this site.
Our techniques are exlusively taught by medical and paramedical specialists.
The courses are proposed to physical therapists, nurses and physicians.
Please, contact us by email for information about seminars.

Lympho Kinetics SPRL

Lympho kinetics sprl organize seminars to teach the “Leduc method” in the “Lymphatic Drainage Schools”.

“Lympho kinetics” was founded in 1978 in Brussels to encourage research into lymphology, the treatment of lymphatic desorders and to spread information. This first Research Group was supported by the National Medical Research Foundation of Belgium.
Later on the research group was becoming a private research team under leadership of prof. Dr. A. Leduc Ph.D., Director of lymphology laboratories in the both Brussels Universities (VUB – ULB).
Actually Lympho Kinetics network is leaded by lic. Olivier Leduc Drs. P.T.

Lymphatic Drainage School

is represented by:

Founding Chairman : Pr. Dr. Albert Leduc Ph. D.
Chairman : Pr. Dr. Olivier Leduc Ph.D.
Secr. : Mme Sabine Delvaux

We hope you’ll find interest in our website and we stay, by our e-mail adress, at your service for more information.


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