Mild and Intermittent Pressure Therapy

Mild and Intermittent Pressure Therapy2018-08-09T15:49:40+00:00

For the treatment of intermittent compression the boot or the sleeve must have several well individualized, overlaping hambers. We showed that the effect of this treatment is to drain the fluid fraction of the edema and only. It does not have any effect on the reabsorption of proteins.

This technique cannot be used by itself, it would trigger a concentration of the proteins in the edematous edema and consequently would favor the process of formation of fibrotic tissue

The studies that we have performed in CCU on 12 cardia patients wearing a Swan-Gans catheter have highlighted an increase of all the hemodynamic parameters as soon as the lower extremities were submitting to the intermittent pressure : the right auricular pressure, the mean pulmonary arterial pressure as well as the edge pressure increased significantly.
This confirms the notable effect of fluids’ drainage generated by the use of the intermittent compression.

Intermittent compression treatment is contraindicated on cardiac patients presenting an edema.


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