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Could the technique LPG® be useful in lymphatic drainage?

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Presentation of LPG material

Skin Drainage

We speculate that the technique LPG ® finds its action at the cutaneous level on the vascularisation and the physiological drainage of the skin.

The Skin Drainage


Lympho-scintigraphy investigations of normal subjects showed that the appropriate and skill-full use of the technique LPG® potentially improves the physiological lymphatic drainage.


Masses in the connective tissue

The technique LPG ® can potentially improve the lymphatic drainage. Indeed, fibrous masses in the connective tissue in response to ageing, trauma, or a non-drained interstitial oedema can be freed through the technique LPG ®.
The use of the technique LPG® as an adjunct to the manual lymphatic drainage is illustrated opposite.

Mode of use of the medical Cellu M6®, LPG ® on scars


post-surgical oedema

The patients s/p mastectomy can show intra- and extra-fascicular fat accumulation, which could explain the difficulties encountered in the traditional physical therapy treatment (lymphatic manual drainage, presso-therapy, and bandaging).
The post-surgical oedema and fibrosis that remain despite the use of manual lymphatic drainage, presso-therapy, and bandaging (strapping) could be taken over by the technique LPG ®.

Opposite, you will find scientific support to combining manual lymphatic drainage and the technique LPG® in cases of post-surgical oedema and fibrosis.

Hence, in the cases of fibro-fatty aggregation we support combining the LPG ® and the conventional approach of treating lymph-oedema.

Furthermore, the technique LPG® can be valuable in the treatment of the common cellulite (orange skin), which consists of the cutaneous association of oedema, fibrosis, and sclerosis.

Study 1

MRI analysis of the upper limb oedema organisation in mastectomy patients.

Leduc O, Leduc A, Brassine E, Leurquin M, Léonard L

Study 2

Skin fold and limb circumference measurements in the medical use of Cellu M6® de LPG®.

Leduc A, Leduc O, Heyters C, Piccoli C, Bruhaux C

Consensus document of ISL

On going research:

The potential effect of the technique LPG® on residual oedema originally treated with manual lymphatic drainage, presso-therapy, and multi-layer bandaging: a MRI and echography analysis (Due in December 2002).
Realisation : Dr E. Fumière, Dr O. Leduc PhD, Prof Dr A. Leduc PhD, C. Piccoli, F. Wilputte, T. Crespin, A. Veys, E. Luypaert, C. Pauquet, M. Ezquer, JP. Belgrado, V. Schoonbroodt.